The Warrior Mindset For Athletes To Perform At Their Best

A unique mental fitness program to improve your sport and life

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Two Components:

1. Whiteboard

The whiteboard is an actual tool to use as you learn and apply the mindsets.

1. Course Material

The online course teaches the mindsets. You choose which one(s) work for you.


 Heiho to waza = value/strategy to application


You decide which mindset you want to practice on the board and how you want to apply it.


99.9% of your focus is on the process.

"Mental fitness is like physical fitness, it's a practice moment by moment."

  The Online Course Has 2 Min Lessons For Each Mindset Concept.

Lessons use tools/concepts from: 

  • High-Performance Sport Mindset
  • Stoicism
  • DBT
  • CBT 

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1. Sport Performance

2. Mental Fitness

3. Use The Whiteboard

Do you Know Your ABZ? 

A: is where you are at this moment without judgement.

B: is your main focus and is the next one step in the direction of Z.

Z: is your long-term goal. 

Meet Paul Sweetow

Paul Sweetow has spent over 30 years in the helping profession as a psychotherapist. He received his masters degree in social work from The University of Chicago.

He is a 6th degree black belt in karate.  He also holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Iaido (sword) and Kobudo (Okinawan weapons).

Paul is the author of ten books: Student Life Skills, The Socratic Parent, The Heroic Adventures of Miles and Maria Books 1-8.

Paul provides psychotherapy for all ages using cognitive/behavioral therapy, DBT, positive psychology, and blends in the warrior mindset.


As a competitive karate athlete, Paul has won:

 AAU National Champion  - Kata: 2013, 14,15,16,17,18,19,22, 23

USANKF National Champion - Kata 2015

 WUKF World Championship - Kata - Bronze - 2022

** I'm certainly grateful for the moments on the podium and although I compete as an individual, I've had many coaches, trainers and support along the way.    What's not listed here are all my loses, and there have been plenty.  When I hit obstacles and make mistakes, I remind myself to keep coming back to practice the lessons on the Warrior Mindset Whiteboard - Fall Down 7 Get Up 8 and Immovable Mind. 

What Techniques We Cover:

The 7 Virtues Of Bushido

The 4 steps of Growth

The 4 Minds of the Warrior

From Plan to Action

The Warrior Mindset Whiteboard 

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How Does The Program Work

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Follow and implement the Warrior Mindset

Go from theory to practice and start today

Experience gains in your performance and mental fitness in both sport and life

See progress in your day-to-day life and fulfillment in your sport.

The Warrior Mindset Video Series:

  • How to use the Warrior Mindset whiteboard.
  • The goal is for you to connect your values and actions.
  • You pick the strategies and values you want to focus on.
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